This month, the AICPA has released an additional 140 free CPA Exam questions to all candidates. THIS NEVER HAPPENS! These questions are recently used questions on actual past CPA exam tests. These questions could be very helpful for understanding what types of questions have been tested to candidates in the very recent past.

Please take note that although the questions provided by the AICPA do offer the correct answer choice, they do not provide an answer explanation. To view all answer explanations, you can purchase additional CPA Exam test-bank materials, to quiz yourself on questions that have been asked on past CPA exams followed by your CPA review course providers explanation of correct (and incorrect) solution explanations. You can download your free additional AICPA questions at the AICPA website, or you could practice with them buy trying our free CPA test bank products.

Universal CPA Review also offers an additional 5,000 CPA test-bank questions and over 200 never before seen task-based simulations. There is an enormous amount of information that needs to be absorbed in order to pass the CPA exam, so sometimes the best approach for studying just requires more repetition.