How to Become a CPA in Alaska

Universal CPA Review offers all of the CPA licensing requirements for each state. See the below resources for a comprehensive understanding of Alaska’s state CPA requirements. We have broken out the education, residency, and age license requirements, as well as provide information on exam fees and contact information for each respective state.

Education Requirements:

Education to sit for CPA Exam: 150 semester hours (including 33 hours in accounting and 27 hours in business).

Degree Requirement: Baccalaureate degree with 120 semester units from regionally accredited university that is recognized by the State Board. If not an accounting concentration, then it must include 15 semester hours in accounting.

Candidates Must Obtain: 24 semester hours or equivalent quarter hours in accounting (intermediate accounting may be included) and 3 hours of business law, economics, college math/computer science as well as statistics.

Residency and Age Requirement:

Age: 19

Citizen Requirement: No (U.S. Citizenship not required)

Residency Requirement: No

Have a Social Security Number: Yes

License Requirement:

Pass AICPA Ethics Exam: Must pass AICPA Professional Ethics Exam and provide 5 separate letters of recommendation.

International Program Participant: Yes

Work Experience: Earned required amount of “experience points” based on each individuals education status. This includes two options:

Option 1: If you have a Bachelor’s Degree with a 24 semester hour accounting concentration, you must fulfill SIX experience points

Option 2: If you have a Bachelor’s Degree without an accounting concentration, then you must fulfill FOUR experience points.

Please note – this must involve providing one more of the following: Attestation (500 hours or more), Accounting, Compilation, Financial Advisory, Management Advisory, Consulting, Tax.

Ethics Exam: AICPA Professional Ethics Exam


Initial Application: $175

Re-exam Fee: $50

AUD fee: $208.40

BEC fee: $208.40

FAR fee: $208.40

REG fee: $208.40


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